DBR Catering is our full-service fine dining catering for weddings, Bat Mitzvah, anniversaries, reunions and any special event.

With more than 35 years' experience we will make your special event exceptional.

DBR Catering Is Our Full-Service Offering

Premium events require a premium approach with close attention to detail. We deliver a 100% custom approach to each event we contract. Every event is unique, so every menu is unique. You won't see us at multiple events at multiple venues on a single day. You will see the chef who you worked with on your menu on-site preparing your meal. You will work with the planner on the day of your event that you worked with as you planned your event. You will get to know us, and we will get to know you. Your special event is our special event.

Cocktail parties. Weddings. Gala celebrations. On-premise. Off-premise. On a boat. At the beach. In a barn. Under a tent. Under the stars. In a gallery. On a stage. In our dining room. In your dining room. We focus on the small details, so you can focus on the big ones. We want you to feel part of the celebration without feeling that you are working your own event.