Real, honest, whole food. Limited, premium ingredients. Locally sourced and prepared from scratch by our chefs who have honed their technique, palate and skills over many years in some of New England's finest restaurants, institutions and catering companies.

H2G Catering prepares limited ingredient food we all relate to. Organic chicken. Top-Choice Angus beef. Grade AA domestic lamb. Seasonal produce. Handcrafted sandwiches. Freshly baked sweets. Thoughtfully conceived and prepared side dishes. Not de-constructed. Not re-invented. Not fussy. Simply done well.

Honest to Goodness Catering (H2G) offers the same fare we serve at Dizzy Birds Rotisserie. Unpretentious. Well crafted. Delicious. Wholesome. Familiar. Simply delicious catering for simple occasions. Family reunions. Office and business lunches. Celebrations and memorials. Fraternal and community organizations.

And special diets don't necessarily mean special food. Most of our side dishes are already gluten-free and vegan. Vegetarian main dishes are part of our core menu and are prepared with the same passion as all the other dishes we prepare.

In addition to our Honest to Goodness catering, we proudly offer DBR Catering; our premium, full-service catering program. With more than 35 years' experience with several of New England's finest caterers, we will make your special event exceptional.